Below is a message from our Captain Roger Steel:-

1st Jun, 2020 

Dear All,

Since my last update during which we have all been in lockdown, things are now beginning to ease such that the majority of us have now managed to get out and play some golf; a welcome distraction for some from gardening where I now try and avoid Andrea for fear of getting another job to do!  From Monday we will be able meet family and friends and play golf in 4 balls as long as we continue to maintain social distancing and continue to take sensible precautions such as washing our hands etc. 

When lockdown was eased to allow limited golf we were left with no alternative other than to introduce a booking system, so I hope you have all been able to get tee times using Club V1 or by ringing the Pro Shop.  After the initial rush, and things began to settle a little, I personally found the V1 system easy to use but acknowledge that some of you prefer to book via telephone.  I think you will agree however that the Club responded well to the restrictions, with the course, social distancing and hygiene arrangements excellent.   I hope you all managed to take advantage to get out on the course and to begin hitting that frustrating little white golf ball again. 

Unfortunately our Seniors season continues, along with all other types of sport, to suffer from the restrictions limiting physical contact and large gatherings.  I fear that this season will effectively be written off in terms of Club matches and competitions although we may be lucky in the October timeframe.  Unfortunately we have also lost one of our resident Club matches.  Hockley have decided we are too far away for a start time of 0900 at Waterlooville so have dropped us.  We will replace the fixture with another club in time for next years fixture list. 

The Club management team has been brilliant during the lockdown.  They have worked hard to ensure the Club and facilities are maintained and looked after our hardworking staff, the majority of whom are now currently furloughed.  Particularly impressive has been their emphasis to ensure contact has been maintained with Members to check on our well being and to keep us informed of developments.   For those of you on Facebook, you will have also seen the weekly updates from Simon our Club Captain and the efforts of James to keep our spirits up with Pro Shop offers, raffles and, recently, the introduction of Golfhubber competitions.  Well done also to Jim Anderson who most of you will have seen while playing golf doing an excellent job of Course Marshall. 

Now that we are able to play in 4 balls it would be great if we could mix up our playing partners so that we can try to continue to maintain a sense of community which the Seniors Section is renowned  for.  So please think about inviting members to join your tee times if you have spare slots.  I would also welcome playing with as many different Seniors as I can so please feel free to invite me if you have a spare place.  I have been ringing around and mixing my games as best I could and will now do the same with 4 balls.  I have a tee booked on Fri 12th Jun at 0900 with three spare slots.   Give me a call if you would like to join me. 

Despite the lockdown the Club has continued to attract new members; 25 at last count.  One of them, Richard Smith, has specifically asked to play in the Seniors Section so he could meet and play with members his own age.  He does not know anybody in the club yet so thanks John Oliver for agreeing to play with him last week and to Steve Saunders who tried to arrange a game.    I will be playing with him on Monday to let him know what a great bunch of guys he can look forward to meeting and playing golf with. 

Take care and stay alert.  I look forward to playing golf with you and giving you a wave if I see you on the Course.