Message from the Captain

I want to take this opportunity to wish all WGC members, new & old, a good 2017 and a year of great golf.

It is 6 weeks to the end of my year as Captain and people have been asking me: How long have you got left? When do you finish? (I’m not sure if this because they have had enough of me !!!) and Have you enjoyed it? My answer to this is yes. I have enjoyed it very much and I hope that I have been a good Captain.

To date I have met/interviewed over 130 new members, many of whom are playing in the various roll-ups and loving the friendliness of WGC. The Club has been in a good place over the last year and I hope this continues. Lots of members are volunteering to do various jobs in the Club House and around the course which is very much appreciated and makes the Club a good place to be for all members.

I am still looking for members to buy 1 or 2 metres to repair the 9th path. All contributions will be greatly appreciated as It would be good to get this job done before the end of my year. Every metre bought gets a ticket to win a year’s parking space in the top car park, so don’t miss the chance.

Hopefully some good Spring weather is on the way and we can all get out on the course and enjoy some good golf.

Ossie Roberts, Club Captain