As at 13th June 2018    

After the recent good weather we have now managed to play 8 club matches, of which we have won 6, drawn 1 and lost 1. We lost to Guildford away, however there were mitigating circumstances as most of the team spent up to 3 hours on the A3 due to a broken down lorry. The schedule will still be very busy as there are still 29 more matches to fit in before the end of October. For details of the results and all the future matches >click here<.

To view how the Mens’ Club Teams are progressing in their various competitions then >click here< 

Since the last update there have been several Competitions. Dave Pugsley won the Brian Humphreys Trophy (Eclectic), although he put that many cards in he probably didn’t get his entry money back. Keith Ward, Roger Bannister, Alan Kingsbury and Nigel Wilkinson won the George Mayne Trophy (Am-Am). John “The Bandit” Clinton won both the Presidents Putter and the Geoff Grigg Trophy. Finally Tony Hore and his guest Geoff Davies from Remedy Oak Golf Club won the Harry Amos Trophy (4BBB Invitation) with a gross combined score of 73 (45 points). The standard was exceptionally high with 14 of the 28 pairs scoring 39 points or more. The photo below shows Tony and his partner being presented with the trophy by our Captain Keith Ward.

The Charles Thorpe Trophy (Knockout) has reached the Quarter Final stage and surprisingly Gerry Daly the winner for the last three years has been eliminated by…..yes you’ve guessed it John Clinton. To view the latest status >click here<.

For details of all of these and any future competitions >click here<

A list of the Seniors Trophy winners since each of the competitions were started has been added to the website >click here<. For details of the Men’s Trophy winners >click here< and the Mixed Pairs Trophy winners >click here<.

Unfortunately the Presidents Dinner Dance had to be cancelled for a second time due to lack of numbers. Please try to support these events in future as they are the social lifeblood of the Seniors Section.

SENIORS OPEN 2018: This year’s Seniors Open will be on Monday 30th July 2018. Helpers and ball spotters are still required so please add your name to the list if you can spare the time to help out.

The event is now full, at 120 players, and we look forward to a great day with good weather.